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Event Time and Date

Thursday, February 23 2017, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Every semester we host different events at UTSA on behalf of CUFI. And, this upcoming month of February for black history month we are having our national diversity outreach coordinator, Dumisani Washington, to come and speak. His presentation is titled "Zionism & the African American Community: Yesterday & Today". Dumisani will touch on the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. was a strong supporter of Israel. One of the lesser known things of MLK Jr. was that he was a Zionist from his Christian background, meaning he supported the Jewish people's right to self determination in their ancestral homeland. He will also talk about how Israel has championed in assisting African nations in foreign aid and assistance, helped in agricultural technologies, brought in and assimilated thousands of Ethiopian Jews into Israel.

Main Building 0.104