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Event Time and Date

Thursday, March 23 2017, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM


Eckankar: art by Merrill Peterson
    • Past Lives—Want to recall memories of past lives? Lessons of long ago can be recaptured to help our lives today. Our character is made up of virtues and shortcomings, and all are a development from past lives. Learn more to explore past lives today.
Eckankar: art by Phil Morimitsu
    • Dreams—Dreams are real, another way to find wisdom from the heart. Dreams open new avenues of truth and give insights just for you. Learn more about how to work with dreams.
Eckankar: Out of the Blue, by Dawn Meader
  • Soul Travel—Soul Travel is simply a shift in consciousness. Its main benefit is to let us tap into the wisdom and knowledge of the last great frontier—our inner worlds. To fully, consciously ride the wave of divine love coming into our lives every day. Learn more about Soul Travel.

Magnolia Room, University Center 2.01.30