Homecoming 2016 Storytelling Luncheon

Inaugural Homecoming Storytelling Luncheon gives current Roadrunners opportunity to engage with alumni. By: Vincent Perez October 26, 2016

Alumni Dr. Kat Strus,  Glenn Erhall and Julie Diaz talking with current Student D'eja Bertrand and Asia Marshall

   Each semester the UTSA Student Leadership Center hosts a roundtable discussion known as the Storytelling Series Luncheon. The luncheon provides students an opportunity to engage and interact with faculty, staff and local community leaders to learn about leadership through a variety of unique perspectives. Each semester the luncheon is themed around a discussion topic that helps drive the conversation.

   This semester the luncheon was transformed into an morning brunch that included alumni as our guests in conjunction with UTSA’s 2016 Homecoming Week. The Student Leadership Center collaborated with the UTSA Alumni Association to recruit a diverse group of alumni to the brunch program. This group of alumni included roadrunners who were recent grads just entering their profession as well as individuals who have already progressed through their fields to top leadership and management positions. The students that attended were able to learn about the history of UTSA and how it has changed over the years, and the alumni got insight into what it is like to be a student now. The discussion topic for the brunch was everyday moments in leadership. This helped students learn about the various experiences that our alumni had that led them to where they are now. It also gave our current students some tips on getting prepared for life after graduation. We were honored to welcome these amazing Roadrunners back home and have them share their UTSA experiences with our new generation of runners.

   The alumni were able to meet with over 40 students involved in many different organizations and activities. Among the student attendees were the 15 students that facilitated the discussion at each table. These facilitators took the lead role in guiding the conversation around leadership styles, qualities and experiences.

   When asked about recommending the program to others, one student replied, “Yes, it gives you insight on life after college and the obstacles you might reach along the way.”

  Alumnae Dr. Kat Strus appreciated the Storytelling Brunch as “an opportunity to share my experience with students and give back to the university.”

   The Student Leadership center intends to continue the Homecoming Storytelling Brunch next fall. If you interested in attending please email the Student Leadership Center at leadership@utsa.edu.

If you are interested in learning more about this event or any of our programs, please visit the Student Leadership Center on campus (UC 1.002) or our website at www.utsa.edu/slc/.

Posted by Eliot Howard on October 28, 2016