Parent Organization: Student Activities

Who Are We?

Student Government is a sponsored student organization that serves as the official advocate and voice of the student body. We have weekly meetings among our General Assembly every Thursday at 5:30 pm in the Harris Room and are open weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in our office in the University Center. Please stop by if you'd like to learn more!

Recent Accomplishments

- Established a registration waitlist. Currently being beta-tested by the College of Engineering.

- Acquired 15 minute parking for Architecture students in the Monterrey Building.

- Worked with administration to provide more food options downtown.

- Initiated the movement to allow alcohol sales at Chili's Too.

- Sponsored a transportation referendum to increase shuttle services.

- Sponsored "Are You Smarter Than An Upperclassman?" to educate freshman about UTSA pride and traditions.

- Increased the number of tailgating spaces for student organizations from 30 to 70.

- Created a pilot for an audio book program.

- Gathered over 50 boxes of clothing for homeless shelters in San Antonio.

2012-2013 Executive Board

Xavier Johnson (President), Charles Miles (Vice President), Darnell Thomas (Treasurer), Andrea Watson (Secretary), Harrison Pierce (Executive Senator), Verlinda Wilkerson (Chief of Staff), Rosalyn Huff (Academic Affairs Committee Chair), Zachary Dunn (Business Affairs Committee Chair), Jerome Scott (Student Affairs Committee Chair), Diana Cuervo (University Advancement Committee Chair), Merced Carbajal (Go-Green Chair), Krystal Nicholson (F.I.R.E. Chair), Austin Hagee (Legislative Affairs Director), Danny Khalil (Legislative Affairs Director), Emily Gavlick (Marketing Director), Brian Smith (Marketing Director), Travis Merriweather (Public Relations Director), Victoria Steele (Public Relations Director), Darnell Thomas (University Life Awards Director), Kaitlyn Vincent (University Life Awards Director), Dan Rossiter (Website Director)

2012-2013 Senators

Kort Jackson (Graduate), Harrison Pierce (Graduate), Matt Hill (Senior), Danny Khalil (Senior), Ayla Larick (Senior), Hannah Beck (Sophomore), Nadim Habayeb (Sophomore), Pamela Canales (Architecture), Zack Dunn (Business), Boyd Garriot (Business), Austin Hagee (Business), Elias Goodale (Education and Human Development), Nancy Diaz (Liberal and Fine Arts), Nancy Guillen (Liberal and Fine Arts), Rosalyn Huff (Liberal and Fine Arts), Lois Paatan (Liberal and Fine Arts), James Turner (Liberal and Fine Arts), Sabrina Macal (Public Policy), Cathy Neuman (Science), Erik Ayala (Undeclared)

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