Parent Organization: Student Activities

We aim to promote participatory democracy, environmental justice, civil engagement, political participation, and to bring to light the political and economic policies of the current US political economic regime—the Neoliberal Regime—via community and education within the University of Texas (UTSA), and as such, strive for socioeconomic and political justice. 

Coming from the Occupy Movement, our mission is to critically identify the surmounting problems associated with rising tuition costs & student loan debt. We aim to provide factual, non-bias information about the global Occupy Movement, and other social and economic injustices, including the fight for climate justice.

SUSJ is a part of a social movement dedicated to the economic and political ideas of a just and fair socioeconomic order. We are dedicated to the principles of non-violence and of participatory democracy. We stand for civilization and fight against austerity. For the 99% we fight for Student Loan Amnesty by imposing a 1% Wall Street Transaction Sales Tax, fully funding Texas Public Education, stopping illegal foreclosures, new productive jobs at union wages, defending the social safety net and rebuilding the United States by nationalizing the Federal Reserve. Against the 1% we fight for ending all the wars, closing down the Zombie Banks, banning derivatives, ending corporate personhood, and smashing the power of Finance Capital.

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